Our Story

A French Entrepreneur founded Newsonic in Hong Kong in 1987. After starting in leather goods working with South America and Brazil his business ventures took him to China. The market was at the time emerging and the opportunities were huge.
  • He started to establish partnerships with some factories to produce PPE products (face masks, gloves, garments, amongst others).
  • It was at the time a risk to take but also visionary for both China and Europe markets.
  • Since then the business developed into a sophisticated sourcing service business, involving his family and keeping the initial spirit of a family run business.
  • In 2019, a major restructuring led to the creation of an operational Unit, Newsonic Solutions, recruiting professional from the Automotive industrial group.
  • The combination of 35 years of business relationship and the addition of professional from the Automotive industrial segment, projected Newsonic Solutions to a new level of service providing, adding skills to service specific product categories which today are in big demand.

Why Us?

  • We combine a family run spirited company with the professionality of automotive process and rigor, and benefit from strategic partnership built on years of relationship building in China with key high volume and quality manufacturers.
  • We can follow the creation of a new product from cradle to grave, including Customised Product Design, marketing conditioning, quality control and logistic services.
  • We can leverage our large economies of scale and offer competitive pricing in the categories where we are recognised experts, PPE and Automotive sensors.
  • We offer specialised export personnel in trading goods in Asian markets.
  • We offer reliable and established long term logistic Partners.
  • Optimised logistic cycles and lean operational structure.
  • Leveraging the Automotive experience recently recruited in the company we can secure our supplier quality applying best in class SQA practises even for non-automotive products.